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Rules & Regulations

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Article I

Salman bin Abdulaziz University consists of the Central Library and College Libraries.

Article II

Deanship of Library Affairs is the highest authority of the libraries. Under the deanship all the libraries

Article III

The library provides services that help support scientific research and teaching process for each of: A) Faculty members. B) Researchers. C) Graduate Students. W) Undergraduate students. C) Members of the community interested in their services.

Article IV

Objectives of the library are the targets listed with the vision and mission.

Article V

The Deanship of Library Affairs planning, implementation and follow-up of the work of the library as well as the following: A) Technical supervision of university library workers. B) Gift from university publications to other universities. C) Preparation of annual reports for the library. W)...

Article VI

Be the library custody librarians, solidarity and responsibility among them.

Article VII

Do not add any printed material or audible or visible to the library only after examination and approval by the Deanship of Library Affairs.

Article VIII

Is consumed newspapers and magazines a month by a decision of the Deanship of Library Affairs.

Article IX

Divest holdings College-specific inventory annually. The university library is stripped completely once every five years.

Article X

Frees a separate sheet for each of the waste and spoiled placed with complete data for each bowl, to exceed 1% of the holdings.

Article X

Given bonuses to employees who achieve the proportion of libraries damaged and lost less than allowed.

Article XII

Send the minutes of the annual inventory and total Deanship of Library Affairs, and indicates in the records before Collectibles has lost and damaged.

Article XIII

Constitute a technical committee to study the holdings and the exclusion of what has scientific value, and the new proposal.

Article XIV

May not  be Issued in following Collections: 1 - Encyclopedias and Dictionaries. 2 - Arab and Foreign Periodicals. 3 - Theses. 4 - Rare Books. 5 - Manuscripts. 6 - Books Oasis version. 7 - Maps and Atlases, Yearbooks and Statistical Reports. 8 - Blood paper (tapes - slides - cylinders). 9...

Article XV

Allows students to research and graduate borrowing peer secure at least (SR 100) for each reference.


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